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Monthly Archive August, 2007

The Bread and Puppet Theater (part 6)

pictures & text by Layla The Museum Behind the Museum Inside the Museum

The Bread and Puppet Theater (part 5)

pictures & text by Layla After the Dances we headed under the barn for a hidden stage. The morbid youth promised a tale of macabre realities and warned that children might not appreciate the spectacle. The Call of Ctulhu promised to expose the dark secrets of Vermont. Although both shows (the Dances and this) were […]

The Bread and Puppet Theater (part 4)

pictures & text by Layla Delivery of masks and costumes to the New Building Entrance to the barn stage in the New Building

The Bread and Puppet Theater (part 3)

pictures & text by Layla After the Circus, everyone is fed bread and garlic and then cordially invited to the Pageant in the woods.

The Bread and Puppet Theater (part 2)

pictures & text by Layla Some performances take place in the fields, others in the pine woods, when not raining or not evening. The famous Bread and Puppet tour bus. The Bread & Garlic house

The Bread and Puppet Theater (part 1)

pictures & text by Layla Bread and Puppet lives to prove that people are capable of organising themselves with dignity and respect. Bread and Puppet also lives to prove the spirited nature of folklore. Founded by Peter Schumann in New York in 1963, it, the black raven of America’s conscience, hovered over the war torn […]

Travel begins

Montreal to Pennsylvania to Paris to LyonJanuary – April 20062006 met Liouba and Sasha in Moscow. I, Layla, met my first day of the year in Montreal. I didn’t notice the time fly – a dimension of experience pregnant with bureaucratic details meant to break down any mortal, but not me. Then, suddenly it was […]