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Monthly Archive November, 2009

Maritimes 2009 – part 11

Welcome Bikers text by Layla photos by Layla and Sasha Our visit to Digby Neck coincided with the Event of the Year:

Maritimes 2009 – part 10

Wednesday morning, we started for the Bay of Fundy. At the tourist office in Horton’s Landing, we met our first black person in the Maritimes. She confirmed that, indeed, she was a rare specimen in this part of Canada. “Let’s say that the social situation does not inspire people of colour to come and settle […]

Maritimes 2009 – part 9

Halifax Monday, 31st August – Wednesday, 2nd September. Cities are known for signs. John Zerzan traces the fall of the primitive into civilisation to the beginnings of language, symbolic thought, and technology leading led to hierarchy, violence, and domestication. Walter Ong and Jack Goody presented research that linked literacy to the need to systematise oppression […]

Maritimes 2009 – part 8

All Roads Lead to Cape Breton. Monday the 31st brought some improvisations to our plans. After all, we went to Antigonish. Leaving the Arisaig Cliffs behind, we passed by remnants of small scale lobster trappings that, by now, have mostly been replaced by large ocean vessels and companies.

Maritimes 2009 – part 7

Leaving Pictou, we headed north west to Caribou Provincial Park, named so after the Woodland Caribou was hunted to extinction by the European settlers in 19th century. Naming and murder are intricately connected in civilisation: as Tawd explained to Ljuba, when we arrived in Memphis and were looking for Poplar Avenue, that it was the […]

Maritimes 2009 – part 6

Towards Cape Breton We left P.E.I. in the morning on Saturday, the 29th of August, spending the day on an isolated beach in New Brunswick. In the evening, we headed towards Nova Scotia, spent the night close to Tatamagouche planning to proceed along the coast to New Glasgow and down south to Halifax, but, tuning […]

Maritimes 2009 – part 5

PEI continued. Statues of armed soldiers guard most of the churches I’ve come across in the Maritimes. The northern shore was much colder, but the red earth just as stunning:

Maritimes 2009 – part 4

Prince Edward Island, 26th- 29th August We splashed and swam in the shallow and warm waters of Northumberland Strait and in the evening of the 26th drove to Argyle Shore on Prince Edward Island. The sky was deep, the Strait shivered with violet waters, and Confederation bridge, like Jack’s beanstalk, vanished into the night. This […]