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pictures & text by Layla

After the Circus, everyone is fed bread and garlic and then cordially invited to the Pageant in the woods.

Santa Claus himself, the god of gluttony, purchases and compulsive shopping, is here to lure the unsuspecting to the farce in the woods.

Here we are in the wood, tête à tête with Santa

Santa’s orchestra miltsov.org/travel/photosyou didn’t think he played soundtrack?)

Santa leads the chorus of angels and demons

All is well and in tune, until they all mix up. Santa gives them their boxes and shopping and they do the dropping

In dead silence appears the hung man. He passes by, a solemn reminder of where the shopping leads. Human propensity for suicide resonates through the universe in the hymn of silence.

Well, since we’re on the topic of the “There”, where you tried your best to reserve tickets and purchase a ride, whether through scientists or popes, Bread & Puppet organises an advisory session on the rules and helpful tips for travellers.

Public security is here to secure.

Stepping over the audience they zoom on to the suspicious target

A powerful image of stampeding fear

Now, everyone is invited to Post-paradise horsemanship!
Enjoy the ride!


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