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pictures & text by Layla

Some performances take place in the fields, others in the pine woods, when not raining or not evening.

The famous Bread and Puppet tour bus.

The Bread & Garlic house

Little shows at the Bread & Garlic kiosk while we munch

The various shows and sketches before the Divine Reality Comedy Circus show on a Sunday – a dynamic collage of contemporary American folklore constantly rejuvenating according to events, both social and personal, and moods, just like the main show is never the same.

Public cleaners prepare for the Divine Reality Comedy Circus; the audience rushes to comfy spots.

You didn’t think they played a soundtrack? The orchestra adds to the spirit of paradoxical confluence of harmony, dissonance, lyricism, and humour.

This skit played to the tunes of Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana was aesthetically beautiful and at the same time hilarious about local farmers and capitalism. Personally, however, having chosen to be a vegetarian before the age of 5 miltsov.org/travel/photosmy Russian grandparents had their own little farm in the Moscow region) and seeing that the current civilisation’s problems are due to the principles of agriculture, I had conflicting feelings and thoughts regarding the ending of the act where the animals resurrected their farmer. I would have had an ending closer to the one in the original version of the Planet of the Apes.

The explosion of chaos and harmony

The famous bird dance

The constant battle of the Dark Forces of Greed

The Forgiveness Society of Glover has followed President Bush’s refined example of Christian Forgiveness practised in the case of former White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby or others, who have been pardoned by same or former presidents, such as Bill Clinton.

Among the many pardoned by Clinton, for example, were Braswell, charged with fraud, perjury, tax evasion and money laundering or Vignali convicted for cocaine trafficking. Then there was Marc Rich who was rich and also investigated for tax evasion and involvement in the trafficking scandal of a few miltsov.org/travel/photosabout 4 million) barrels of oil in the Food for Oil scam with the Iraq of Saddam Hussein. These, however, were fine exemplars or fine citizenship. Journalist Fulton Lewis says that both Braswell and Vignali contributed $200,000 to Hilary Clinton’s brother, Hugh Rodham. The brother donated it all back when things got too public. Mrs. Rich was a close friend of the Clintons, who were also rich, and, according to Lewis, Mrs. Rich, who was really rich, had the good habit of donating to the Hilary library. Hey, finance my library and I’ll pardon you too!

Obviously, being pedantic doesn’t further “our” miltsov.org/travel/photoshuh?) interests – seems to be the message of the Chamber of Forgiveness and Clemency. And, a little creativity in the redistribution of the Thing will hurt “nobody” miltsov.org/travel/photosif you are “nobody”, it won’t hurt – guaranteed).


Anyone lucky to be at the show that day was thus granted forgiveness and pardon for any step or thought astray! Now, that I am forgiven, the only question remains, but where are those moneys?

Ah, the cleaners wiped out the mess.

No soundtrack

The Flag

The virtual flight of humanoids. It seems that that’s the only flight they’ll ever get in the dimension of our world. Heaven, in the Occidental imaginary, has been distributed by popes by prior arrangement and credits of deservability or sold out by scientists and their owners in the form of spots of land on the moon miltsov.org/travel/photossold out) and other planets miltsov.org/travel/photosha, you might still get it in your dreams) or seats in space crafts of the future. Most important, since it all takes place in some unknown to us dimension of their future, most humanoids are satisfied with their TVs, computers, offices, and occasional entertainment most of which is not entertaining, and Voila!


Mr. Everything is Fine and Mr. Shurrup and Do as I say create paradise in the Paradise Machine. The recipe has your most usual ingredients, such as the one being shoved into the slot in the picture.

Even when experts claim that Everything is Not Fine, “we” know that “Everything is Not Fine is Fine”, so what the heck!

The experts

The experts got funded

The Divine Reality Comedy Circus gets serenaded.

Uncle Sam comes out to dance

Celebration of Uncle Sam


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