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pictures & text by Layla

Delivery of masks and costumes to the New Building

Entrance to the barn stage in the New Building

The Kitchen show in the barn stage

A detail that touched me the most was the puppet’s eyes. They were made to appear shut or sleepy throughout the show and only when she liberates herself with what she realises, she flies, hovering over the audience. Then I saw that her eyes were now open. A tiny, yet powerful image of the magic of movement and perspective.

The New Building

The main stage

The World Can’t Wait Dances

The power of this war dance is beyond words and photographs convey only so little.

The Garden Society interludes of Hope in face of despair of the dances of war.

We all collaborate in our own demise and in shedding and wiping of tears.

On torture

The friendly Garden Society again

“Construction” workers keep “posting” the signs and announcements

Audience in horror.

O’ Fortuna! The power of violence

The arms of the Law: one points, the other commiserates

The powers that force us on our knees

Or at the execution wall

Resisting for space

The process of demarcation

“Construction” workers at work again

When you don’t resist, it all gets shoved down your throat

The Angel, the Revolutionary, the Visionary, the Resistance dances out to be among the abused

The Angel dances to face the Monster

The Encounter

The Angel sacrifices her wings

The Dance of the emboldened Monster

The Encounter

Public cleaners

Gardens miltsov.org/travel/photosI like to think of it as Nature and not human engineering)

The Dance on Silence


The scream. Then sweep away the shattered lies

And out we swept it all!

The performers


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