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Maritimes 2009 – part 1

August 24th — September 5th Text by Layla; photos by Layla, Ljuba, and Sasha Upon moving to Quebec in June 2000, we decided that before we settle down in one place to first travel and see Eastern Canada. I longed for the serene horizons, gentle flowers, and abysmal waves of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia and […]

Lenin’s cradle part 3

pictures by Layla & Sashatext by Layla Ulianovsk today

Lenin’s cradle part 2

pictures & text by Layla

Lenin’s cradle part 1

pictures by Layla & Sashatext by Layla My cousin Misha remains as vivacious and spontaneous as I remember him from childhood. One evening, he walked through the door and announced that first thing in the morning he was driving a car to Ulianovsk, the former Simbirsk, the birthplace of Vladimir Ilich Lenin, 950 km towards […]


pictures by Layla & Sashatext by Layla After visiting aunt Lida and cousin’s Lena’s family in Moscow, we headed to my eldest aunt Zina,where she lives in a house with her youngest daughter, Tania in Malino. Malino is where my grandmother had finally agreed to move to from Nikolo Titeli and where she died. Although […]

Moscow spring

pictures by Sashatext by Layla Funny how the use of language can influence our experience of reality. If people are told repeatedly that green is black and that yellow is green, that’s what they begin to see. In fact, there are numerous experiments in the study of psychology of language, where it’s been observed that […]

Celebration of the vampires

pictures by Sashatext by Layla Something fun always happens in Russia. Historically, it’s been a place with much more action than any hollywood film. O.k. This doesn’t compare with 1917, but it still was full of passion and contradictions, and all that is so wrong and wonderful with the human soul. Sasha dropped by the […]

Moscow winter

pictures by Sashatext by Layla Ah, Russia, forever acontrast with everything and with itself! When Sasha and Liouba left the States at the end of March 2005, from crocuses in full bloom and the beginning of the second harvest of grass they plunged into this:

Return to Babje part 1

pictures by Layla & Sashatext by Layla A year later, we returned to Babje, whose population has grown, once again:The horse Senelga had room-mates in her barn: a goat with her kid.May has grown into a beautiful Collie.And little Afanasij, who was born the previous summer, joined the 3 older knights.

Return to Babje part 2

pictures by Layla & Sashatext by Layla Senelga offered rides.