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pictures by Sasha
text by Layla
Ah, Russia, forever acontrast with everything and with itself!

When Sasha and Liouba left the States at the end of March 2005, from crocuses in full bloom and the beginning of the second harvest of grass they plunged into this:

These pictures were taken by Sasha in his Strogino neighbourhood in the north western part of Moscow

Democracy and the freedom to consume the imposed and expensive junk during the Yeltsin era has achieved the same level of sophistication as that of any developed country:

But then came Putin. He picked up a broomstick and swept the floor a little. Hence, ever since 2004, beer ads are no longer allowed to run on TV between 7 am and 10pm. However, you can imagine the compensation after that hour miltsov.org/travel/photosforbidden fruit is the sweetest).

And ads for that which looks and smells like piss roll on, almost exclusively and non-stop in the allotted spot of time, with people paid to fake drinking it and lying that if only everyone drank it too they’d become so cool, so energetic, so financially, so successful and so altogether so fantastic and so bla bla so bla. Some have made the logical deduction though, “why spend money on something fake that looks like piss and not go straight for the original stuff, available anywhere and any time, and so far, completely for free”: Urinotherapy!

All that exists alongside the remnants of another epoch of abuse: could this have led to that or was it the other way around? Yeah, the eternal question of dimensions and quantum and all that. Tsaritsino, the southern part of Moscow where the queen’s spirit wanders along the quiet waters and amidst the ducks:

Passengers awaiting the bus:

A Moscow view:

A Russian colony on Mars. Russians have always been the first in outer space!

Long live consumerism and human waste! The servants roller-blade around the store:

Consumers ride cars:


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