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Pictures by Sasha Miltsov
English Comments by Layla AbdelRahim

First fine impressions when you or I hit the fine capital, so to speak.

Impressions can be deceiving. If you look closer, you’ll notice a fine spiritual level to the machine.

Where there is support, there is hope.

It’s all fine and well, but I can’t understand, how come there are so unfine a member, such as burglars and thieves, in such a fine society? Aaaaaaaha, got it. It must be the 5th pillar, I mean 5th column!

In any case, some fine neighbours break in, others, more fine, watch and report.

Support our fine way of living.

More fine living.

Fine living marred: someone got ivy poison here. Kill them all, mow them down. And mow we shall for better or for worst.

Fine view.

Be ware! Children!


Yahoooooo! Our fine clubs!!!!!

Yuppppieeeeeee! Very fine!!!!

Still, don’t relax, be ware!

No exit.

No exit.

Fine landscape.

Mostly fine.


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