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pictures by Layla & Sasha
text by Layla

Life coaching and inspirational, motivational, wellness speaker.

Motivated for excellence and community spirit after the conclusion of the conference.

The best part of anthropology is fieldwork.

Liouba – horse-riding;
Layla – along-horse-galloping.

This is the church that Lionja and Ira are restoring. When we visited them the following year, they had already prepared the portfolio for the frescos.

Sasha and Lionja.

The cows wondered freely about the village. In the mornings, they would stuff their muzzles in the windows and moo us up. The kids loved the room-service with warm, fresh milk!

In the depth of the wilderness, surrounded by mighty forests and wooden lace on the windows, some still manage to assemble 3 satellite dishes for a full-course menu.

The eternal Russian landscape.

The river calls.

Fired up and ready to go


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